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Downtown Charleston WV Artwalk Map

Experience ArtWalk 2024

Get ready to experience the ultimate art and shopping adventure with the Downtown Charleston WV Artwalk! Discover the best local artwork in the city while supporting small businesses and enjoying free refreshments and live music.

With our custom map, you can easily navigate through participating venues and plan your perfect route for the day. From one-of-a-kind art pieces to unique handmade crafts, the Artwalk has something for everyone.

Not only will you have a blast exploring the different businesses and art displays, but you’ll also be supporting the local arts community and keeping the spirit of creativity alive in our city. And with the map, you can easily carry it with you as you make your way through the streets of downtown Charleston.

So grab your friends, family, or even your furry companion and join us for an unforgettable day of art, shopping, and fun at the Downtown Charleston WV Artwalk. Let’s make some memories together!

July 2024 Art List

Art, Music and other Entertainment

1. Art Emporium – 823 Quarrier St. –
Lesa Smith :

2. Aronfeld Agency – 906 Quarrier St. –
Artwork by Ashley Arbaugh, Dave Frazier, Horror Artist, Mark Mallory, Music by Neil Curry

3. Bear Wood Company – 811 Quarrier St. – (not listed)

4. Black Locust Woodshop – 818 Lee St. E -
Music by Spencer Elliott:

5. Black Sheep Burritos and Brews – 702 Quarrier St –
Artist: Huntress Studions:

& Author: Eric Douglas:

6. Buck & Bette – 123 Summers St., Suite 100 – Local Printmaker: Old Try

7. CatzEye Studio – 717 Lee St. E Suite 403 – Danielle Hughart – personal studio

8. Charis Boutique – 231 Capitol St., Suite 3 –
Joanie Warner Art

9. Charleston Ballet – 100 Capitol St. Mezzanine (Security Building) –
Brianna Rhodes “The Pastel Snail

10. Christian Science Reading Room – 231 Capitol St.

11. Consignment Company – 221 Capitol St. –
Meish Claus, Matt Smith Makes

12. Fife Street Brewing – 180 Summers St. – (not listed)

13. Folklore Music Exchange – 191 Summers St. –
Hosting Open Mic at Slack Plaza

14. Ivor’s Trunk – 819 Lee St. E

15. KDE Technology – 111 Hale St. – Matt Osborne- Lane:

16. Rock City Cake Company – 205 Capitol St. –
Diet Sweater:

17. Stella’s Gelato/Special Market – 202 Hale St. – Wine Tasting

18. Stella’s New Blu & Blush at the Blossom – 904 Quarrier St. – musician: Weekend Warriors: & artist: Dreas Twin:

19. Stray Dog Antiques – 219 Hale St.

20. Sullivan’s Records – 613 Lee St. – Used Vinyl Event & artist: Cali Wesson

21. Taylor Books – 226 Capitol St. – “Sunae” (sand art) pieces by Japanese artist Naoshi. The work is original illustrations created for an illustrated book ‘TAKO Knows’ published in 2023 by Overcup Press:

22. The Bloom Beauty Bar – 225 Hale St. – Ivy Morris:

23. Axes & Ales – 122 Capitol St. –
Elaina Angel “Studio A”

24. The Purple Moon – 817 Quarrier St. –
Pianist: Jordan Dyer:

25. Tony the Tailor – 822 Virginia St.

26. Tops Off Barber Shop – 229 Hale St.

27. UC Downtown Innovation Hub – 240 Capitol St., Suite 100 –
Artists: Betty Rivard: , Thorney Lieberman: ,Pluto and Pentacles llc,

28. WV Market Gallery – 200 Hale St.

29. Braids & Twists – 182 Summers St.

30. AIA WV (architects) – 223 Hale St – Showcase of local WV Architects Projects & Designs


Art Emporium

Lesa Smith is a West Virginia-based abstract painter who is most recognized for using many layers, natural textures, and a spiritual/prophetic subject in her works.


Rock City Cake Company

Diet Sweater

“I am small artist with a love for creating tiny, dreamy, and strangely cute things that reflect my silly personality. I love having fun with paints, pens, prints and recently digital art, but especially love sculpting polymer clay earrings. I like to make anything ranging from miniature fruits, foods, botanicals, and the tiniest mushrooms you’ll ever see!”

Aronfield Agency

Music by Neil Curry